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Alisa Yakhontova

"Form follows function, not otherwise"

Alisa graduated from the Moscow based Stroganoff Academy of Industrial Art, Department of Furniture Design. After that, she studied at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Milan where she completed a Master RSP program. Both degrees contribute equally to her talent, the methodical and classical Russian tradition enhanced with an Italian contemporary approach to marketing and design. “The great advantage of IED is their international team of teachers. Design is quite a cosmopolitan profession, so it came in handy”.

Alisa believes that an interesting object is born when you add a new meaning and a little humor to something usual and mundane and it does not matter whether you find a technical or purely aesthetical way to get this result.

The successful balance of price and aesthetics – this is what Alisa names as a very important outcome of her work: “It’s necessary to give people good-looking and functional things”. She constantly keeps an eye on trends in worldwide design, although she doesn’t let them to rule over her own style.

When Alisa is about to start a new project, there are four main principles that she follows:

1.  It has to work;
2.  It has to be made of natural materials (metal, textile, wood);
3.  It has to be designed with the least possible amount of materials and energy resources; however, without falling             into faceless asceticism;
4.  Always think about packaging and transportation.